Monday, January 17, 2011

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Poslenovogodnie banality - 2

Uncle Pasha finished only evening college, so he drove home brew. Dad graduated from a prestigious university and was a prominent at the time a specialist in "alcoholic industry." The house we were everywhere spirtometry books, bottles of water, filters, and armfuls of herbs. Books True, too, were there in huge numbers, but now it's not about that. From uncle Flank of moonshine, which is "ochі viїdav" Dad did the product liquor Art and poured into decanters paunchy, aristocratic referred to as "karafkami.

ended the second quarter, and from the city-not-hero Kharkov tightened inyazovskie colleague Irene and Ivan-bow, such as Gopnik and rogue, as well as your humble servant, and we organized the teachers' council, a gala concert, and the length Extravaganza in the school holidays. Irene was also bringing bacon and grits and screamed from the doorway: "You might not vodka has risen!" «???» "So we ride the same in America as well as bribes to Local Police Department?" Vania-Bow brought "ploechku" to do in the morning "currency haircut" and the threshold gently suggested: "Let's arrange a time most infamous dens Caligula and Messalina! "Dad phoned relatives in Moscow, and love to confess:" And we are here Povny Hata molodі: People vchitel Іvan Vіktorovich, not folk Irina teacher and this ... ozabochyena. Ponymaly relatives by word, but slushaly pozdravlyaly and c the coming ". We sweat for sadylys ustavlennыy Masterpieces of Soviet catering table and were "intelligent" debate who is steeper - Germany and the Allies:
- The Germans bombed London.
- And in the words of Maxim Maximich of "Hero of Our Time": "The British? Yes, they have always been notorious drunkards »...
- Is your Maxim Maximich just dense martinet!
- And your French sing as though the saints carry them out!

I desperately wanted to Colombia. My heart has been broken lyric hero, and I melodramatically inhaling deficient cigarette "Chases" (linguist and Cyrillic reads as Latin!), aspirated to say that he has turned my life into a continuous passive voice. In the age was fashionable to have an unfortunate love, this is indicative of an interesting and tragic fate. We seemed to ourselves crazy intellectuals, sophisticated experience nihilists, bright as a ballet Television GDR.

Christmas in Colombia, and only because the dream is finally coming true, 33 better than 23. How surreal look like Christmas decorations on a 30-degree heat: reindeer vzopreli and pray for his reindeer to the gods, so that they will send them an activist of the Society for the Protection animals. Burly papa Noel is about to grohnetsya faint, and it is high time to accept a cardiologist. Lyrical hero was hundreds of miles in his joyless a city where men and women depressing soundly thumps, and where six months of the year was rain. Just do not need to draw an analogy with Macondo because that, as written classics, "it's much worse."

My first post on LJ - on that same trip to Barranquilla. As I tried to write beautifully, however awkward and enthusiastic seem to me now complex sentences heyday graphomania! Now I began to write short and sarcastic ...

meeting 20 years later. Beautifully lyrical heroes exist in the ladies' novels or in the Llanos Orientales de Kolombiya. And in life ... life is important and reading, and Columbia, and, accordingly, the lyrical hero.

And to understand why 43 is better 33, read a post for 2010! At this mEmuary request as completed!


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